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December 02, 2011



Glad you're safe from the chain saw. They scare me to death. So sad about all the trees lost and I would have a few words for that contractor as well!


What a mess! Glad you got it all straightened out.

We always cheer when a local squirrel is road kill - they have really made a mess of the neighborhood trees - and people feed them (horrors!!)


Just miserable and frustrating. I spent megabux getting squirrels and bats out two years ago. But you and the squirrel growling at each other? more than funny!

Terence Watthens

Well, you and your roof survived those pesky squirrels. Perhaps you can take care of some of their natural enemies, like birds of prey, just to scare them off as you do insulation repairs. =)

Alejamuel Sultz

Go find yourself another roofing contractor. Fixing minor roofing problems at the soonest possible time is the best way to prevent further damage. I hope you also solve your squirrel problem soon. Instead of your ceiling, maybe you can relocate their nest in another place.

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