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January 31, 2011



Sweet baby jeebus! That is a lot of shoveling. My sympathies!


Second time today I've written this... Just Holy Fuckeroly! and I'll toss in an 'Egads!' to add to Manise 'Sweet baby jeebus!'.
wowzers, woman. how's your back?!?!?
Hope you have heat by now, and staying warm.

Laurene D'Aversa

Heard the ground hog didn't see his shadow because when he opened his door the snow came in and he spent the rest of the day cleaning it up with his shop vac!
My sympathies on the snow removal.
How's your head?

Frank Casher

Raking snow off our roof is one of my favorite activities during the winter season. For me, it's just fun to do stuff when you're up high a house. Sadly, I don't get to do that in our house in Miami, so I just come over to my mother's house in New York. That way, I also get to bond with her too.

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