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January 17, 2011



I realize you may have already chosen.. (I'm late, again). as for the yarn itself, I've not knit with it BUT I have friends who have and they really like it, a lot. we're talking Must Have Cardigans and the yarn did beautifully with the cable work.
as for colours.. Love that Lake Heather. and the Ocean Heather.. Pine and Garnet would both be fairytale worthy :^) I also love the Merlot Heather. I find the medium to bit darker (but not too dark) colours show cablework well.. damn. I'm not being much help here. The Garnet.. do you wear that sort of red? Actually, true garnet is a lovely red, an earthy red which I think would look lovely on you.
of these colours which do you wear that make you feel best? that you, when you look at them on you, make you smile? (for me it would be Lake Heather, for some reason, well it looks a bit aqua to me and that colour brightens my skin and for some reason has the tendency to make the wrinkles not show up so much). You being a redheaded vixen (which btw is a compliment).. are your skin tones cool or warm?
I also think any of those blues you chose would be pretty.
(save this comment for later, I know you're having some sad, heartbreaking days now.) xox

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