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October 25, 2010



Name suggestions: "Surprise!" "Will" (for where there's a Will, there's a Way)...He is a cutie though.

Beth S.

I don't know about his name (unlike you like 'Surprise'!), but that leaf picture absolutely belongs on Cute Overload. You should send it to them! :-)




Bun-Bun Steve Tyler should he learn how to sing. He is way cuter, however, than his potential namesake.


He is so cute. No ideas on a name, Bunson maybe.


Hmmm...I like Tryst. One could go with Tristan, or even Trystn, but Tryst has a hint of mystery and a delicious dash of devilishness, which I can see he posses in spades. I can haz leaf indeed. Guard your hearts, ladies, that leaf is just the hors d'oeuvre!


Oh gosh, I love this photo. I need to backtrack and catch up with you here online at your website. Hope you'll do the same. Otherwise, you know where I am on fb. Miss you, and hope all is well on your end. :) :)

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