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April 27, 2009


Divine Bird Jenny

Ohh, Chris, if you're selling any of the pink, could you let me know how much/oz and bring some to June's meeting? :D

It was nice to get to the festival, even if just for a couple of hours. I wanted a t-shirt very badly but missed out. *sad* At least I got a pin!


A lamb's fleece? OK. I would go for that, too;-D Did Poof Bear get the rest of his fur trimmed or does he still look half-nekkid?


Only tshirts left when I got there were petite and 3XL. Oh well.

Love the colors, and they DO look soft even in the pix.


Having seen all your fiber in person, I know how pretty it was. But i have to say the middle one... the periwinkle blue was just fabulous!!


oooo verra nice...


Ditto what JessaLu said. I know someone who would just lurve that pink stuff....how much? :)


Lovely fiber! And the festival I went to this weekend was very similar...everyone was there early and then faded away with the heat!


Lovely seeing you despite the heat. I'm definitely hitting your both for some of that roving!

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