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November 21, 2008



4 week old cuteness!!! Yayyyy!!! We had some snow early thismorning, so I definitely hear you on the cooler temps. Hey, guess what, Elaina called me thismorning, and we are catching up next week at her farm. I'll take pics to share with you. Miss you!


Haha! Bunny jackets indeed. I so wish I could snatch one of those bunnies.


So cute! I would take one home in a heartbeat... except Achilles is reading over my shoulder, saying "ooh yumyum snak." Go perform your evolutionary duty on the chipmunks, Achilles.


Gah! The cuteness that kills!! :) Stitches got her 9 mo. sheering last weekend. We keep telling her how lucky she is that she's an indoor bunny. She looked so cold afterward!



I was interested in some german hybred chinchilla or steal angora's i would like to get a new lines and good fiber. i got a bunny from you when i went to college and loved him he passed away. thanks for your time and hope you had good thanks givins

talk to you later sarah

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