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November 25, 2008



The one that immediately springs to mind for me is when I forgot to decrease for the armholes on the back of Jason's Jack's Aran sweater. I had to rip back about half of the piece! Yep, I documented that on the blog too: http://stoneview.typepad.com/stoneview/2007/03/simon_says_take.html Ten rows doesn't seem quite so bad now eh? ;)


How's picking up the gusset stitches on the sock *before* the heel has been turned? And just to reinforce the humiliation, I did it again the next night :)

When I first started knitting in the round, I never could figure out which direction I'd been heading in when I picked up the knitting again. Made your boo-boo many time before I got better at reading my knitting!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Caroline in NH

OK, this wasn't a *huge* mistake, but I made a mistake-rib sweater for my dad. The size came out OK, but the sleeves and overall length were *huge*! I did offer to take it back and fix it once he tried it on, but he wouldn't let me ... probably afraid he'd never get it back. :0

Trish B.

I frequently knit on Bryspun 10" straights. I don't know how many times I have discovered (usually after ribbing, etc), that I am knitting with 2 different sized needles. These needles are very well marked, so I really have no excuse.


The first time I knit a sweater I picked up *all* the stitches around the neckline - can you say clown cowl-neck 10X real fast? LOL! Plus it was in Lion Brand somethingorother...eew.


My first sweater. I trusted gauge. I trusted the knitting instructor who said "go ahead!". I didn't trust that little voice. I even held it against him several times, figuring something (something?) would happen to make it fit.

I had just started knitting two months previously. I had to rip the WHOLE BACK out. Do you know how long that took me to knit?? And start all over again. It's amazing I still knit.

Maureen in Rockport

My knitting experience is not so vast - just a scarf knitter here. Last year I decided to knit a striped scarf in the round from one of the Knit Pattern of the Day calendars. You knit with three colors and drop one color and pick up the next without tying off. The color changes are hidden inside the tube. It's miles of nothing but knit, knit, knit, but because it's in the round, it looks like stockinette (basic concept for you knitters - big deal for this crocheter).

Not matter how hard I tried, I kept getting this divot where I changed colors. I tried leaving the yarn looser or pulling it tighter. Still the ugly divot - and I kept on going!! That was the really stupid part, but I did have bronchitis, so I plead fever. I had 60 inches of divoted scarf and a couple of weeks work in the darned thing before I pulled it apart and used the yarn to felt bags. (Woolybuns, two of the colors I bought from you at the NHSW the year of the flood. They did felt beautifully. Notice how I'm sucking up for a prize.)


Well, there's this sock....bought the pattern from a lys and then no one could figure out the directions for the heel. I finally thought I had it figured out but a strange wart developed along one edge....

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