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February 05, 2008



Definitely give these websites a try:

or http://www.votehelp.org/

The websites help weed out the crap and give you a better idea of how who stands for what.

Dave Daniels

Ah, and that is one of the main reasons that I had my land line removed. If I wanna make a call, *I* will make the call.


I feel exactly the same way! I ended up voting for one (because that was all I was allowed) ... but admit I toyed with the idea of voting for Edwards just because. I really like John Edwards.


Agreed. First time in a while that it isn't the lesser of the two evils. I couldn't vote cause I wasn't registered yet, but I'll be ready come November.


Eh - the guy I liked dropped out too :(

Having come to the startling relization some years ago (took me long enough!) that my phone was there for *my* convenience, I had the land line shut down. Can't say I've missed it...


I know! I had finally made a decision (Edwards) then he dropped out, so yesterday I found myself confoodled once again.

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