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January 10, 2008



Yes, there is great comfort to be had in routine and mine is similar - though it involves coffee and cats :)

The "Heart" would certainly be an eye opener :)


Hootchy kootchy! Isn't it a bit early for that? Tee-hee!

I just get pawed (which routinely reminds me to trim a certain cat's claws) in the head until I wake up to play woman servant to four very loud and demanding spoiled cats.

You know I really want to believe in reincarnation so I can come back and be just as spoiled as my pets. Eat, sleep, and play all the live long day without a care in the world. Well, other than where are my toys and where is my food. I mean that's the life.

Dave Daniels

That sounds like a nice morning routine. Mine is having Miss Lulu sitting at the bedroom door, waiting for me to be the first one awake. I pick her up and head to the living room and put her in my lap for a good solid 10 minute hugging and petting. It's a great way to start the day.


Sounds like a truly lovely way to start the day. Much better than my usual blaring alarm and rush to catch the train!


The NE Yankee in me says something about how all needs can't possibly be met at once. But then why not?? Maybe it's just a matter of time.


Hi, have you heard from Katie? Mom's blog is two days since any news too. Hotmail is down right now, sorry for the post here.


It sounds like a great routine to have but the Heart must have been a jolt to you system!

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