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January 03, 2008



Hahaha!! The description of your relatives is priceless!

That very same FF cookbook is still my favorite today too :-)


I'm not even going to visit the Great-Uncle Fred stories. I don't think the blog world is ready for a cheatin', philanderin' 1-armed preacher selling contraband Metamucil to fund covert missions to China. Honestly, sometimes you just can't make shit this good up.


Oh my stars! I think we're related!! LOL

But you forgot great grandma has-a-bad-green-tattoo-on-her-arm. She always said she was ashamed of it. Not quite enough to stop wearing those sleeveless smocks showing it to the world though. (every day even in winter)

Or Uncle-pinches-cheeks-and-laughs-to-loudly who everyone tried to avoid like the plague. (those pinches hurt!) Somehow even without a proper invitation he always managed to find every family gathering and fresh victims.

Ahhhh family.


I just about died laughing at the descriptions of your relatives and your names for them. :-)

Maureen in Rockport

I LOVE weird relative stories. How about my grandma we called "Bette Davis" because she was so dramatic? She once hid in the coal bin with her apron over her head because she thought her sister-in-law had shown up at the house to give her the evil eye.

I wish we had some of your cottage pudding. Some one gave us a crock of homemade hot fudge.

Leslie Wind

Weird relatives, one of the few topics about which I have no doubt I can hold my own! There was my Aunt Money Is Everthing (married with one son)who took her male poodle puppy to the vets because he had these little ball-like"growths".
I confess I do want to hear about the one armed preacher with contraband Metamucil.


What a priceless post- OMG! I so want to hear about Uncle Fred in Part II tomorrow! And the comments- HA! I don't know between you and Norma today it's been quite a pissah!

My mom kept her recipes in an accountants ledger- one of those long skinny ones. Some were written in and others were pasted. We lived overseas so every 3 years when we returned to the US for the summer she'd collect the recipes off the back of the brown sugar boxes and tape them in too or leave them loose between the pages. When my mom left my father in the mid- 80's she thought in her haste that she had left it behind much to my chagrin. After she died, I found the recipe book in the bottom of one of the many trunks and boxes that she couldn't bare to open and deal with her loss and memories. In it is the family birthday cake she was known for.

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