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January 29, 2008





It was totally out of your control; you were under the spell of pure evil (and don't you just love it!).


Another instance of having you at hello.


Holy peer pressure batman! That's all you came home with after all that?!? ;)


I so would have caved!

Divine Bird Jenny

I could have said no to the free stuff, but a wall of Koigu and a 25% discount?? Not on your life. NO ONE has that kind of willpower.


It's very hard to resist Koigu. Impossible with a discount!


You did well not buying the WHOLE STORE at that discount!


:) It was not my intention to bring in even a hint of evil - I just wanted the yarn to go to a better home than mine! Isn't it hard to resist the "socializing" at the yarn store after SnB?!


Discount? Oh man - I can resist anything but temptation! That's how I got in trouble at the thrift shop. THe yarn was already marked down to 25 or 33% of it's original price - but then, the thrift shop was having it's 50%-off-everything-end-of-the-month-sale and...

Like you said, I caved :) The road to hell is paved with discounts!


ROFLMBO!!!!! I have one of those too...her name is Maggie!!

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