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January 25, 2008



Wow! That sure is fussy stuff, but the skeins came out beautifully. Man, I loved the Weebles as a kid. They were excellent fire power against marauding older siblings. :)

That cherry chocolate combo looks dreamy. Yum.

Marcia Cooke

A couple of things come to mind. I have heard that if you rewind the ball again, taking both the outside and inside strands together (making a double stranded new ball), then all you have to do is to insert the twist when you ply. It works. I have also heard that you can wind your ball onto a nostepinne and ply right off the 'pinne. Of course, in this case, you have something in the middle. And, finally, I always rewind my balls a second time on any ballwinder to loosen it up. Especially with handspun yarn. I learned how to make a hand wound ball using my finger as a nostepinne from Nancy Bush and rarely use my winder anymore, the handwound balls are so nice! Lovely skein and gorgous wheel!


It's a beautiful skein of yarn! Maybe, just maybe I'll brave that method again someday.

I miss your wheel! ;)


One further thought, let the single sit on the bobbin for at least 24 (preferably more) hours to relax a tiny bit before trying to ply. Its much easier that way.


Wow that plumps when you cook it :) Very nice! Center pull balls get me every time. I have finally now just once successfully spun from a center pull ball. I used an empty toilet paper roll on my winder and it worked. I'm bad though. I've tried the method Marcia mentioned but I can't get the ball wound a second time without going ape :) I do have a nostepinne though - but uh have to learn how to use it :)

Love the new design - it's so nice and clean.


I was engaged in this very endeavor this morning with junk yarn (I will NEVER patronize this particular vendor again.) I do the center pull ball off the cheapo ballwinder. Then wind the two ply on a felted cat ball (no cats were made uncomfortable in the manufacture of this item). Now I'm plying the doubled yarn. Works for small amounts of yarn,otherwise you want to shoot yourself often.


Great post - informative comments!


Who knew that something that seems so simple, when paid more attention, can yield better results. Great post!

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