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January 15, 2008



Sorry to hear the passing of a companion. Fascinating post about her, tho.


I'm sorry you lost such an interesting little companion.

Dave Daniels

Chris, I'm so sorry to hear about Wilma. She sounds like a very interesting creature, and a fascinating relationship you've had.

Maureen in Rockport

Chris, sorry about Wilma. Even tho she wasn't the cuddliest of creatures, she was a life in your home.


May she have many "cream-filled" worms and a hot rock next to a running stream where she is now.


I'm sorry. A buddy is a buddy.


Sorry to hear about your loss. She sounds like a unique character in many ways.


I would have thoroughly enjoyed Wilma. She sounds like my kind of gal. Sorry to hear about her passing.


My condolences. I understand - I cried for days when our corn snake died, and he used to bite all of us whenever we put our hands in the habitat, but I still did it, because he was so beautiful coiled around my arm.


As a couple of commenters said when I felt I had to eulogize my gerbil, it's the witnessing that's at the heart of the matter. The learning about an entirely different type of creature than yourself, the coming to understand and the being able to interact and observe. Affection is nice, but it's not the whole thing. I do understand why and how you miss her. Hug :)


He lived his life in the home of a true whisperer. May heaven be as nice.


I'm so sorry about Wilma. It's hard to lose our pet friends. Hugs to you.

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