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January 23, 2008



I am sadly currently catless. (to be remedied with a shelter cat once we move to a new bigger place) I do have a funny story about my first cat I had as an adult. I had just gotten out of the military and was living with my grandmother. She let me adopt a cat from the shelter. (she was very particular about her house so this was a big deal)She was a georgous 1 year old torti I named Bridgette. One day I went shopping and one of my shopping bags was the brown paper kind with paper looped handles. While I was putting my new purchases away, the bags were lying on the floor. She decided to investigate inside one and crept in stepping over the handles and into the bag. Well when she tried to back out, because she had stepped over the handle, it caught on her elbow. That of course startled her and she took off running, dragging the paperbag monster right along which of course freaked her out even more. I started to chase her down the stairs and all of a sudden I hear my grandmother wail in laughter. Of course this struck me funny and I had to sit down on the stairs I got laughing so hard. Bridgette ran back upstairs, bag still in tow, and I managed to rescue her from the bag. (To this day I feel guilty that I laughed at her during the event. I just couldn't help myself!) She recovered quickly and acted like she meant to do that, which of course made it all the funnier. (cats are so good at that) I made up to her with lots of extra love and treats afterwards. She never did go into one of those type of bags again though. Bridgette lived to be 14 and she was a fabulous cat that was devoted to me. It took her years to warm up to my hubby. When she finally did he said it must be because she was senile and forgot that she hated him. He is also allergic to cats and suggested that maybe she finally figured that out and was trying to kill him. (she would get up and sit on his chest)

I had another cat that decided that my frenchies crate was his. He used to take naps inside it and stare at the dog if she got to close like "What the heck is your problem? Go away!" The dog used to look at me like "Are you going to do anything about this?" It was very funny.

Cats are great.

Maureen in Rockport

When I was in my 20's I had a nasty cat named Tiger the Terrible. He didn't warm up to too many humans, but he did love my mom. It's odd, because she never let us have pets when we were growing up, but after I got T the T, she'd encourage me to bring him with me when I went home to visit. One of my sisters caught Mom giving Tiger some turkey on Thanksgiving, even though I'd said human food was verboten. Mom was whispering to the cat, "Here, she'll never know."
Anyway, I was home one Christmas time and Mom was doing laundry. She threw a pile of wet clothes into the front loading dryer, slammed the door and started it up. There was a tremendous "Boombidy-Boom!" from inside the dryer. I went running into the kitchen, and when Mom opened the dryer door, Tiger came out as though shot from a cannon. He must have leapt 5 feet straight through the air, every hair on his body sticking out. Mom was horrified. I was laughing so hard I almost wet my pants. We didn't see Tiger for the rest of the day. He was hiding under a bed, resting his nerves and recovering his dignity.

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