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January 15, 2008



Oh you lucky duck!


Oh wow! Fantastic find. Can you guess that I'm not counting along with you?? What does number have to do with this? That is a beauty.


The new wheel is a beaut Chris!


Hum dinger at that! Hope to see it at the guild someday. Congrats!

Dave Daniels

Really, what's wrong with so many wheels? It's not like you had 9 cars or 9 houses, right? I'm in the market for my third wheel, and I want a traditional style. This one you just got is gorgeous. Nice choice.


You and Amy King have the most fabulous collections of wheels! And yes, they each have a purpose! Congratulations, Chris.


WOW! Just wow! Lucky you and all of that. Please show us pictures of what you spin.


Sheesh! Found your link through Ravelry. I need some of your deal-finding fu, for sure! Beautiful find!


Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.


This is similar as to how my husband justifies every new radio that he brings home! He's an amateur radio operator. I'm not a spinner .... yet ... :-) ...


Oh, I'm so jealous!


Cherry? Norma Hall? OMG!

So envious!! *drool*.....*sob* rinse, repeat.....



OOps! I meant Norm Hall!



I like the name Norma for your wheel but only coz I'm swearing in jealousy here. ;-)


Good lord it's freekin' gorgeous!! Congrats!!


Whoo Hoo....I am SO glad you were able to scoop that up! You will find that all of the other wheels will sit in waiting to Norma (yep...that is a fitting name indeed).



What a beautiful wheel! I thought I had a lot with 4 wheels.


OMG that wheel is gorgeous! And I get to come visit it today too! And you too of course. haha

Kim M.

Wow, that is truly a beautiful wheel!


Somehow I missed this post. But I think you now outnumber me in wheelcount :) This one is a masterpiece. I so don't blame you for it and would sell not one but both of my kids for it :) Mazel tov. Use it in good health.


Holy cow that's beautiful! I love anything in cherry, and that one is a doozie. Congrats!

elizabeth S

love your wheels like you I have 8 and a norwegian that i cant name or date did find anumber on it today but dosent help at all oh well it still is anice wheel bit hard to spin on though perfer my handmade traditional and my wind wheel and wendy wheel like you all good for differnet things

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