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November 01, 2007



They are all too cute. I especially like flower's coloring. Beautiful!

Dave Daniels

They are ALL so cute. Griff has got some "wiseness" in his eyes. Almost like you'd expect him to speak or something.


The bunnies are so cute.

And darn, with a meeting at work and working hour changes at work today, I forgot all about the rabbit, rabbit. I almost never forget and I could have used any extra luck today.


You lead a very interesting life.

I remembered rabbit this month.


I really wish we lived closer to one another ... although I actually think we don't live all that far from one another with bordering states I believe. I seriously have to make it to SAFF at some point to meet up with you since it's here in my state just a couple of hours from where I live, since I'm more centrally located and the SAFF is over by the mountains in the Western part of N.C. I'm in awe of how thoughtful you are with arranging "rabbit dates" to help out a friend. lol You made me giggle with that so much today. Great pictures of the buns too. Too cute, and it sounds like you had a great time. Gryff is gorgeous, but I think I'm partial to Flower. Such great coloring!!! The Fall season is here, and I'm out daily with the buns in the rabbit house pondering the possibility of angora buns, although I've never ventured that way. I have to admit, my knitting skills run more toward crocheting since I've only ever done that and am uncertain of how to use an additional needle for yarn work. If we lived closer, I'd be asking for help with that. :) *Bunny Hugs* to you my friend. :)


Looks like Flower has settled in nicely! And she is lovely; can't wait to see the babies!

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