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November 05, 2007



I can't wait to see what you came up with.......I'm glad you are smiling :-)


creative breakthroughs always feel so good!


So pretty! I think the sander did me in. Maybe I should try again...with more feeling;-D

Dave Daniels

Congrats on getting that inspiration. Weird how things just seem to pop into the head at just the right time. Neurons? I'll have to get me some of them one of these days. (And, smart of you to know to protect your copyrights. But, you knew I'd say that one, right???)


I love that feeling. Hope it sticks with you a while and something good is happening with your fiber arts!


Now I'm really curious.


Oh, can't wait to see what your lively mind has cooked up!


There is nothing quite like the moment when creative spark comes to life. So glad you are getting to experience that! And of course, I'm terribly curious as to the outcome, but understand the need to keep it under wraps.

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