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October 01, 2007



Oh, Gypsy is so adorable! Good luck tomorrow and Happy Spinning.


Quite the change of plans, but in such a good way! Gypsy is so cute. I hope you two will be very happy together. :)

Maureen in Rockport

Chris, congrats on the new puppy from Mo and Leslie. We hope and pray that this new cutie has a long, happy, healthy life. She is quite adorable.


Lovely looking pup! Mind if I ask if anyone was there from Silverstone Kennel in Ontario? That's where my Irish Setter, Dinah, is from.

Divine Bird Jenny

haha, that's how I got hooked on spinning, too. All it takes is one "try it"...my problem was that I was hooked and then had no exposure to spinning for years and years. It felt like coming home when I finally spun on my own for the first time!

You're quite the one for firsts, aren't you? :) You did, after all, supply me with my first angora...


OMG..........that is my FAVORITE Nickel Creek song!!! What a perfect name for a gorgeous pup....and how cool that your breeder likes to spin! Hmm........maybe I need an Irish red girl...haha!

I'm sure she will be ok.......the Gods will be good this time, I can just feel it in my bones!


What a beautiful sweetheart. Pups. As heart tugging as babies.

Congrats on the conversion to spinning for Carol. How could one not be hooked spinning that ethereal cloud in proper coloration?


Oh good! I think a Gypsy is just what you and the Moll needed!

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