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October 04, 2007



Oh no!


Oh no!!!! Naughty doggies!


I laughed right out loud at the middle picture. The baby seems to be saying "Who me? What?"


And I bet you thought rabbits gnawed on wood!

Oy. Nice doggies


Oh. My. God.

Are they still alive?!

Divine Bird Jenny

More fun than a feather pillow fight!

Maureen in Rockport

Good Grief! Looks like Molly is teaching Gypsy to be bad!

Amy Boogie

Oh my goodness. Naughty naughty girls. They do look very happy though.


Snicker........and you wonder why I only have the 1 setter....heeheee

Dave Daniels

I'm with Jessica on this one: OMG. And, yeah, that second picture should be a name that caption contest: "What, you wanna play, too?"
2 POUNDS of angora? Whoa...


Ehhhh, and deep intake of breath!


Maybe they needed some "fiber" in their diets AND alittle ruffage. Sorry, I couldn't resist. I have a 1 yr. old and a 4 year old dog so I can relate alittle. They incite each other. Just breathe.


Well, okay, here's a way you could look at it: they wanted to felt too! Yes, they have been watching you felt all along and they wanted to join in on the fun too! :)

Man, how naughty are they? They seem to feed off of each other's "bad dog" instincts. Ha! Oh, I linked you in my blog today. :)


Aw....and not in a good way. Puppies, yeah, but look at BOTH of them grinning.


Yikes! Did they get a time out in the corner? I hope all that angora is ok!


Oh my goodness. So many great posts you have made over the past few weeks!!!! I need to backtrack! Yikes on the dogs gone wild! lol They certainly know how to have fun. Too cute! :)


Oh no not the angora!


Oh my - partners in crime! Your baby girl looks so happy playing with her big sister :)


Oh my gosh, are you going to be able to salvage any of the angora? It's always "sum thin'"... If it isn't our human kids its our 4 legged kids.


Uh, babies will be babies! But ouch! Still, they look cute being bad!

amanda cathleen



They obviously didn't need your help, Chris! {gg}

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