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September 20, 2007



Glad to hear your going to have some company of the human variety in that big house! :) And hey, any excuse to go yarn shopping is a good one, right?! ;)

P.S. I'm wearing the scarf I made from your yarn today. It is still absolutely divine. :)

Divine Bird Jenny

HAHA best justification to shop for yarn that I've EVER heard. :)


I'm tired just thinking of all the work going on at your house!


That's great the DD will be living there. How good for all of you. That redo phase is a real PITA... and yes, a great justification for some yarn therapy!


This sounds like a terrific idea, especially if you like the BF. Built-in bunny sitting!


Surely, you were justified. I envy you all that space - my DDs (in their mid-20's) are back home after Katrina, and are squished into our small 3BR/1.5BA house. Not fun, and the stash is forced into nooks and crannies. I long for the day they leave the nest again. ;-)


My goodness, after all that work you deserved a trip to the yarn shop!


Your life is certainly interesting. Sounds like a plan - especially when the house gets put back together again.


Disorganization sucks, even when temporary. PTSD means going to the yarn store. You DID know that, right?

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