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September 09, 2007



Very cool! looks like a great day.

Marcia Cooke

Hope it was cooler up in Vermont than it was here! I want to know about the Bartlett pencil roving, though: I bought some of the natural via phone several years ago (eight POUNDS!) and loved the quick yarn I made. It's also great to knit as is. I see yours is in color, though...are they selling it that way online now, or just at the show?


Those class scarfs are beautiful! Sounds like you still did pretty well for pre-event shopping :)and the new bunny - to cute. She has perfect pink ears bunny ears.


Sounds like you had a great time. Looks like you brought home some great goodies!


Dang. Looks like you darn near broke my Maryland record with that haul! :) Cute new bunny too. :)


I would totally have done it too. Baby bunny! So cute!


OOOOHHHHHHHHH........that bunny could have seriously tempted me as well. Very pretty!

How is Katie and her siblings doing?


I'm loving little Miss Bunny. Enjoy your haul!


That bunny is sooooo cute!
Almost went to Vt. but didn't quite make it.
Those class scarfs are beautiful.

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