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September 17, 2007


Marcia Cooke

I'm so sorry to hear that, Chris. She's a beautiful dog.


Oh, I'm so sorry. Words are really failing me now.


There is no way to prepare for news like this. I'm so sorry.


Oh Chris! I am just heartbroken and sick for you and Keeva about this devastating news! What a rotten roll of the dice.....Sending you lots of thought waves and hugs.


Oh Chris, that is just rotten luck. I am so sorry to hear this.

amanda cathleen

I'm so sorry to hear this, she is such a lovely pup


Sorry to hear the news. That stinks.

Rachel H

Oh no. I'm so sorry.


Chris, my heart hurts for you today.


I'm so sorry - even a few weeks is enough time to build a bond that hurts like hell when it's broken. May she defy the odds and live a long life.


I am so sorry to hear the news. Stay strong, I'm sending lots of virtual hugs your way.


I am so sorry to hear that.

Divine Bird Jenny

I'm so sorry, Chris; that's rotten luck for both you and Keeva. At least she will be cared for and loved, but it is a terrible thing. Hugs to you.


My heart goes out to you, Chris.


Oh Chris I'm so sorry! Sending hugs your way.


Oh Chris, that is so sad. I'm sorry.


Chris, I am SO sorry. Owning a breed that has multiple heart conditions, I completely understand not only your broken heart, but Keeva's as well. If I can do anything at all to help please call me anytime!

Hugs to you, Keeva and Molly!


I'm so terribly sorry Chris.


Oh no!! I am sorry to hear this.


Chris, I am so sorry. Words fail me. I know too well how quickly the bond takes place. I am happy she has a breeder who will give her a good life, however long that might be. Hugs....


I'm sorry, Chris. It does suck.


i very sorry last night i just lost my baby a british bulldog at 10 weeks with a grade 6 murmur my heart is broken but i keep on thinking if he was here for only a short time i was going to love and cherish him it is better to be loved than not loved at all.

Amy Boogie

I've just been catching up on posts and I'm sorry to read all this. I'm glad they diagnosed Keeva but I'm sorry you had to give her up. No matter how short the time or how prepared you think you are, you never really are. xox

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