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August 31, 2007



I too offer water outside until the snow falls- my youngest pup is the sloppiest drinker! Some goes down and the rest fountains out of his flews.

Love your homemade fiber blend!


The pictures are worth the 1000 words, especially the watering the dogs one.


Homemade bread yum!

That blend is beautiful! Did you hand card it or use the drum carder? I have all this angora and I'm trying to figure out the best way to use it.


That bread looks delicious - care to share the recipe? Honey, Oatmeal - sounds too good to pass up!


I too would like to know if you hand card or use a drum carder.

That bread looks delicious! that goes for the fiber blend also :)


Lovely blend! And I'm going to have to get another bread machine, although I'm sure I'd eat too much!


Maybe I should feed my girls outside too. The floor this morning made the water spots on your deck look trivial in comparison. Congratulations on your up-coming grandmahood! Carding takes a lot of work and I'm very impressed with the results of yours. What lovely fluff!


Oh my ... the bread does look delicious. I've always wanted to get a bread maker, but have been to lazy to do so. I like going to the bakery, and yet again, it would be nice to have the scent of warm bread baking in the house. Even if it did cave in just a bit, it certainly looked delicious. :)

Kudos. :)

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