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August 19, 2007



Wow! Great slideshow. Happy knitting! :)


Cool slide show....it was GREAT to see you! Love the red locks :-)

Marcia Cooke

That is just COOL! Well, the fiber, too, but what a neat slideshow!


Super slide show- great to see you as always! Loved your instant accessorizing with the skeins- lol.


Excellent shots. That Manise is EVERYWHERE.

You bought such perfect colors. And sport them so well.


Glad you had a good time. What a cool slide show! Alpaca and silk is so nice I would have done the same thing. Congrats on the third grandchild! There's nothing better than knitting for babies.


Neat photo presentation, haven't seen that before! We have to connect on future fiber outings. Here I was Sat., and you possibly passing so close by. :0 Glad though you got to go.

blogless sharon

love the photo presentation and your flair for the skein wrap.


Congratulations of the new baby! Looks like you had a great day!


LOL! Looks like some serious fun. You might want to patent the design for your little outfit there. ;)

Joanne Masiello

I just heard you are the owner of the lost Pattern...it is in an envelope waiting to go to the PO...it will be in your hot little hands very soon!! Enjoy it,I just loved knitting the sweater, great fun...Joanne, A Knitter's Garden


Great slide show! I bought the girl kit for the same sweater first thing in the morning :-) I'm glad to hear that Joanne has your pattern for you; it looks like such a fun knit and I can't wait to start mine.

Leslie Wind

"a bit breezy"?
You are a hearty sort.

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