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August 21, 2007



Boy, that's a whole different method of training than when I was a kid. Although I suppose the dominance-based training may have been better for me than it was for the horse--it taught me that I could boss around large animals and not take any guff, but it didn't give the horse any opportunity for communication. I do have to say, though, that once my horse and I got to know each other, she became just as bossy in her own way.


It is going to be interesting to watch this progression. I have found with dogs, that the type of method you are using works best for them. Positive reinforcement allows the animal to be proactive instead of reactive. :-)


Love the Jeans. Five was my record number of starts.

Interesting training, quiet opposition of wills.


I do love training youngsters - such a dance. I look forward to your journey. Moving CC was such a great idea.

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