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March 28, 2007



Wow... they are so cute but require so much care. Sure hope everything turns out ok and you have healthy babies soon.


*fingers crossed for healthy momma and babies*

I second the thought on not missing chiropractor's appointments this time of year, but for me it's getting out into the garden that does it!


Thinking sweet little bunny thoughts...


There's somthing about the bunnies in the buff that just cracks me up. Bob's do for a clipping in another few weeks. Hope the babies come soon!


Sending healthy baby bunny vibes, though lack of fetal movement is certainly worrisome.


I'm sending out all of the kindling vibes that I can...kindle, kindle, kindle...


Sitting here hoping, and sending the right karma your way, and being amazed that bunnies get c-sections.


Glad things were caught in time. But how did she get an infected uterus to begin with? A miscarriage that never expelled itself?


Whoa! Glad you took her to the vet. Poor little girl. She needs hugs to get her better soon! What a good rabbit momma you are!


Oh wow! Glad you caught it early. Good for you for taking her in. Sorry there are no babies this go-round tho.


Glad you caught it in time Chris. Hopefully there will be baby bunnies from her later this summer. I'm curious too..how did she get an infection?
What are you spinning these days?

Sarah white

hi chris,
I was woundering if you have any or will have some i'm looking for a colored angora doe. blue chinchilla or chocolate Anguti, i'm looking for a baby to start out. my doe just passed on this march. she grown on me i loved her so much. she was a part of the family. if u have any information could you e-mail me when you have a chance , thanks sarah

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