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March 23, 2007



woolybuns, I think that's you in the pic I took of the knitters on tv. Feel free to swipe the image. It looks like everyone had loads of fun. Wish I could have been there.



how many knitters showed up to freak the muggles out at FIT????


Hi from Kimberly! NYC was a blast with you. Please check out the Flickr group I created "Knitters Representing in NYC (and Everywhere Else)" when you can. And feel free to add photos or discussions because we want everyone's stories!
Bunny hugs!



Rachel H

As jealous as I am about all the fun, I'm just not sure I could've got my lazy self out of bed that early. gah.


Thank you for representing. I love the hokey pokey picture.

amanda cathleen

Sounds like you had tons of fun!! I so wish I could have been there. My mom's visiting next week and we are hoping to see the Harlot on Friday : )


I'm so glad you made it! How many people showed up at FIT? I couldn't get out of work to go myself. I do hope lots and lots made it.


That sounds like it was an awesome time! How cool!


Oh, I would have loved to have waited in line with you! Great pictures- thanks!


It was great catching up with you the other day Chris! Hokey pokey -- that's exactly what HWJF called it! LOL! :)


Fabulous report! I love your sign, and you behind it. I missed it all...NYC, the Today Show. Damn day job. Wish I was there.


I saw you and Kimberly on tv on Thursday. I couldn't believe that didn't come up and talk to you. It looks like you all had a great time. Wish I could have been there!


Chris, thanks for being there. It was wonderful to see you and yes...the sign was cripplingly funny and wonderful!


Dang! I saw that sign on the Today show! I knew exactly what it meant and I SHOULD have known it was YOU! Cool!

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