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March 09, 2007



Prayers and good thoughts to ME and CT.


Gosh! She's been thru a lot, as have you, in 2007 so far. Lots of good thoughts and hopefully less stress soon.


Hugs are on the way. Will keep you and yours in my thoughts - as always.


Hugs are being beamed up to you and yours. Hang in there.


I think I should go back to bed.. I read "hungry" instead of "huggy" Oi. Best wishes and healing thoughts for your Mom and all your family.


Thinking of you and sending all the good thoughts I can!


All my best for you Mom!


Sending good thoughts,Take care.

Lynne aka Witchypoo

Oh no :( Sending you good healing thoughts your way.

(I'm your Coke buddy from SPA btw)

Lynne aka Witchypoo

Oh no :( Sending you good healing thoughts your way.

(I'm your Coke buddy from SPA btw)


Hugs and prayers, for sure, from me, Chris.


I'm keeping you and your mom in my prayers. Hugs.

Rachel H

Hugs and healing on their way.


Many good thoughts coming your way and especially including your mother!


Be careful driving up there please. Sending love and cat fur covered hugs.


Hope it's just a scare and nothing major. Keeping you in my thoughts!


Sending hugs, positive thoughts and prayers to all of you.


My thoughts are with you, Chris. Hang in there!


Good thoughts winging your way, and hers.

Maureen in Rockport

Good thoughts, hugs, and smelly bull terrier kisses are being sent to you and your mom electronically. Um, maybe leave out the smelly dog kisses for Mom. They're kinda hard to take even when a person is well.


Hugs and healing thoughts >~~~~~> are on their way to Maine and hugs to you! Safe travels.


Woolybuns, I hope good news for you and mom are in the air. Travel with a light heart and an alert mind...and here's hoping you find comfortable and joking when you get there.

Dave Daniels

Sending heart-healing vibes to your mom, and warm hugs to you. I hope everything is going to be ok. I'm glad your son can go with you on the trip up...

Christine O.

The (Life)Force be with you both.



I'm glad to read that the scare past and your mom is ok. Hugs!

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