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March 12, 2007



Tres lovely skein. Knit and spin, knit and spin. It will save your life.

Re: hospitalist. Yes, ditto with you. Remember Joe Pesci in the Letha Weapons films? They f--- you at the drive through, now they f--- you at the hospital. I know all about it.

Take care.



Not a fun way to spend your birthday! Sending you good wishes and good thoughts to your mom, too!


Hugs from here - and the yarn looks delicious.


Somehow, it seems odd to me that the Queen of German Hybrids is using Spunky Eclectic angora to spin! Gotta love it, then admit to having some of hers in my fiber stash, too!


Hugs from usbuns in NH! I hope that your mom is ok!


Crossing fingers that some data gets gathered and exchanged that brings a plan about.

In the meantime, spinning sounds just right. There IS an endpoint with that!

Is it your birthday??


Hospitalist! I hadn't heard that one, but I know that if I were in the hospital, I'd want my own doctor to see me! That's just awful in my opinion.


Sending tons of good energy your way!



Hugs to you and your mom!

Beautiful yarn!


Sorry you all got the run-around. Hopefully people will put their collective heads together and figure out what's really going on and what they plan on doing about it. Personally, I would have called her cardiologist today.

Did I hear "birthday"?


I'm a little behind because of many things going on here but I just wanted to send you best wishes for your Mom. I hope everything turns out fine and the pain was just a passing thing. Keeping you in my thoughts too!


I hope you get some answers soon-how scary. In the meantime, hugs!


Glad to hear your Mom is doing better.
That skein looks lovely! Pink is such a pretty color. mmmmm lace, sounds like a good idea. It would probably show off better.


My thoughts are with you and your mom as you negotiate the modern health care system.........


Your mom is definitely in my thoughts Chris.


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