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March 16, 2007



We can worry together then. Hubby has to fetch oldest boy from college late this afternoon and they'll be driving home when the snowfall begins to get heavy. Argh. College is going to get a nasty letter about that as they really should give the kids a half day so everyone can drive home in moderate safety.


I hear you. We have friends doing the same drive tomorrow at the height of the horror. So glad your mom is home convalescing. Spinning is good therapy. I think I'll do the same!

Nancy J

You do need surrounding fiber. And, the storm's a comin' all right....Started out dry this morning in SW PA followed by sleet followed by sleet/snow. Roads are a mess.


Glad to hear your mom's condition is improving. And those kids, what can you do? I hope everyone arrives safely where they are going!


I'm so glad your mom is going better.

That's what you get for teaching your kids to be their own people and get outside for fresh air. /hugs&runs


I'm glad your Mom's doing well.

I can only imagine how nerve-wraking it must be when kids get old enough to do these things. Hope you find some comfort in the fiber!

Diane E

Glad to hear your Mom is home. My son was home last week, missed the weather and now is back in Virginia.Whfew.


One of my favorite parenting sayings ---- "Raising teenagers is like trying to nail Jello to a tree." Happy spinning!!!!


I thought Rapunsel's parents had the right idea but I guess that wouldn't work for boys anyway.
Glad your mom is doing better.


I'm still thinking of implanting a tracking device in my little one...Wish it were that easy!

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