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January 04, 2007



Glad you had a safe trip, and that CC is OK. And that pottery is AWESOME!

Rachel H

I had no idea that horses went through teething.


Edgecomb is one of my favorite stopping places too. Glad to hear it wasn't true colic - but nothing worse than a potentially sick horse baby. Get those teeth taken care of and I'll bet she'll be right as rain.

Maureen in Rockport

Glad CC is OK. Terrible to worry about one of your animals when you can't ask them what's wrong.

Now allow me to rant about winter driving in New England, especially Massachusetts. I spent the first 30 years of my life in upstate New York lake effect snow areas. When the driving is slippery, you drive slowly and you get where you're going - and I spent two winters in Rochester with a Triumph sports car.

Then I moved to the Boston area. Here whe it snows, it's a challenge issued to the SUV drivers to drive faster. Then they roll over and land on their roofs and back up traffic for the next 3 days. And I'm just putting along in my Honda Civic and I get where I'm going.


Fab pots, whoops, that's me drooling up here...Good for you for asking a lot of questions and not jumping the gun...horses are such delicate creatures but they're smart too...CC wasn't going to eat if it hurt her, poor thing. So glad it went well today and amazing without drugs. My boss the vet *always* tranqs them, and I do mean always :).
Welcome home to your phrag, how lovely!


Glad to hear that all is well. Disasters are no way to start a new year!


I sat on the edge of my chair reading about CC! I'm soooo glad everything is a-okay!


Glad to hear you're home safe. Hope the other aspects of the trip went well.
Poor CC! I hope she's better today.


Doctor Chris!
Good diagnosis.

That snow was interesting. Marcy and I were coming back from the wheel trip. We saw cars through the guard rail, teetering over slopes, disgruntled drivers standing by the wreckage.


Boy, you have good vet instincts! Glad CC's okay.

The SUVs are the most dangerous cars on the road in storms. Yes, they do think they're invincible.


I'm glad I missed driving in that storm! Glad you guys stayed safe.

I would love to check out Edgecomb one of these days. Everything you show from them is gorgeous.

Glad CC is ok!


I still have Skye's caps. Haven't decided what to do with them - it's only been 24 yrs...

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