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December 21, 2006



Hi Chris
I'm sorry about your friend. And I hope you're finding ways to comfort them as well as yourself.


Chris, I'm relieved that you've been able to cope with the FU Universe through knitting.


Chris, I'm sorry about your friend. Hope the knitting helps relieve your stress.

blogless sharon

hope the coming days are less stressful you have such a gift with words


Yeah, fiber therapy is highly undervalued. But I'm glad you were able to participate in some. Sending good thoughts your and your friend's family's way.


chris, i am so sorry about your friend.


I love the picture of giggling pixies and swishing swoops.


Sometimes life is so unfair....I'm sorry. Stockinette is always a good stress reliever, so knit away :-)


It's impossible to make sense out of the awful things that happen to people--my heart goes out to that poor family.
But the Moe is good therapy. I'm anxious to do another one, one of these days.


Sorry Chris...I don't blame you for being angry. There's just no explanation for why these horrible things happen to innocent people. Hugs sweetie...ugh.


What do people DO that don't have these types of stress relievers? Sorry about the bad set-back and much sympathy to everyone!

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