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January 20, 2006



Boy, do I ever know what that whining sounds like.......yikes. Thank goodness for crates....


I know your tags include me but I've already done this one. And I almost always comment, too. ;-)


I like the colors in the purple....it gives it a little bit of depth ;-)


I'm thinking you just tagged me didn't you ;)


Hmmn. Do my animals fall under Absolutely Adorable, or are just just Ordinary Cute?

The Purple looks great from here!


I absolutely adore "Gilmore Girls" as well. Just talking about it right now makes me want to go get the DVD's out and watch season's 1 thru 5 and then catch up on the Tivo'd programming I have for it as well. I can watch them over and over and never get tired of seeing each episode. :)


Hey! I missed this, so I'm so glad you commented on my blog this a.m. Geesh, where have I been? I LOVE your red scarf, and so will a college kid. I think I need to find me some of that Magnum. Thank you!

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