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January 19, 2006



That shawl is beautiful. I'm glad you found somthing you could knit for the Olympics it should be fun. I had a heck of time trying to get that button on my blog too. After about a half an hour or so I finally figured it out.


Go For It! We can help root each other on :)


Well I see the side bar button, but where is the picture of what your going to knit? I wish you luck. I decided if I could hit the tread mill once a day that would be more of an olympic challenge for me, make my Dr's happy and give the pinched nerve in my arm time to heal. I'll be cheering you on from the side lines!


Well apparently the answer to the last question is YES! :) Glad you are going to give it a whirl. :)


As I see the button, I'm going to go out on a limb and say yes, you can get the button on the sidebar :)

I know just the little items you're eyeing in that book. Perfect. As I read the rules on the KO, it is to challenge yourself. It doesn't matter that another knitter would finish that in a matter of days, it is can you, can you rise to the challenge, overcome your slower knitting and get it done. If you're learning a new technique along the way, even better. It's about pushing your own boundaries. I say go for it.


Hurrah! Go for the GOLD!


There's the button! You could go for an Olympic medal in bunny cuteness, I tell ya.

A babushka! In Russian, yet. Pictures please!

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