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January 27, 2006


Nancy J

Ice Cream. My bestest attitude adjustment that Always works. (works on migraines, too)


Such a pretty color!! That shade of purple is almost as hard to capture in a photo as bright red is.

I know exactly the feeling you are feeling. As much as I love my college aged daughter, I can honestly say that it was time for her to go back to school. LOL


I just read the Marley excerpt, and looked at the pictures, and now I'm crying..........boo hoo. I'm going to get the book at lunch.
Why do pets have to get old and die?


One of my friends recently gave me that book and I'm looking forward to reading it this weekend. I'm so glad you mentioned it.

Maybe the "mood" is related to seasonal affective disorder ... it seems to be in all the papers these days ... regarding how many people become moody due to light changes over the winter months (and not getting enough sunlight to energize them.) I know I have definitely been feeling that lately myself, so you just never know. No matter what though, I will keep trying to see if chocolate will help. *wink* ;D



You had to bring this up, just when I got a lab puppy, and was congratulating myself about my narrow escape from Bassetdom. Oh, well, dogs is what they is.

The scarf looks purple on my monitor. Can't see the variegation but it looks sort of lilac. Pretty!

Sorry about the mood; hope it flies away and you are your normal cheerful self again soon! A visit with CC might be the cure!

Christine O.

Saw that on CNN.com but knew I couldn't read it. Bambi syndrome.

I had a wonderful yellow lab, just like Marley. One day, she ate my cookbooks while I was at work. Another day, she raided the pantry, ate several bags of Nestle's choc. chips, shelled walnuts and bagged coconut. She was staggering around. Had to take her to the vet's where she threw up mightily all over my feet in the waiting room. Oh, well, Out With the Bad.


The first (and last) time I experimented with felting, IT experimented with ME. I still need to find the right washing machine to finish the job.


Love the scarf! Good luck with the felting.

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