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January 15, 2006



ALL the Marguerite Henry books are on my favorites list - who woulda guessed? :)


I remember Brighty! Loved it. He was close enough to equinehood to be swept up in the feeling.

Books. Wish there was enough time in the day to do justice to knitting, spinning AND reading.


There's PLENTY of time in a day for knitting, spinning and reading. You just skip housework, cooking and washing dishes.

Chris, you stole my B!


Love Brighty! Love all the Marguerite Henry books, and am currently loving sharing them with Her Ladyship, who at 9 is just the right age to adore them, too.

We used to live near Marguerite Henry's home town, and saw one of Misty's shoes in the local historical museum. They were itty.


I definitely know what you mean about books, and share the interest. My husband and I have a wonderful assortment and collection of a myriad of books, and there are several that I have read more than once. Even the covers and pages of books attract me. The feel of a heavy novel, etc. I know you understand what I mean. *Hugs* to you for bringing up great topics like this one.



Books, what a great choice for B! I share your love of the printed word, it's just not the same read aloud by someone else on tape.

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