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January 24, 2006



Well, he'll be back, maybe with laundry and to raid the refrigerator! An hour isn't so very far away, and I'm really glad he found something he's going to enjoy so much!


That deck looks so awesome!!! A perfect landing spot for the not-so-little ones to come back to the nest in the summer :)

I'm very happy to hear that your contractors are hard working fellas. With my luck I'd have a sliding glass door sized hole in my house for weeks.


Chris - you've got a good "butt" shot of one of the workers in there!!!! Thanks! I needed that!


Wow...heck of a time for a hole in the house eh?! Glad they are making a quick job of it though.

Just think of everything you'll be able to do with that newly empty room!! :) And considering all the traveling you do...an hour isn't too bad...but I know it's hard. Take a roll in the bunny fiber...that will help! ;)


My son moved out when he was 18. He gave me strict orders that I was NOT to drop in to visit. I had to call 1st - and I had to be invited. My. My. So I respected his wishes, got on with my life and the next thing I know a plaintive voice on the phone "Mom, are you going to visit me? Today?". A fiber room sounds nice - but better leave room for a rebounding kid. Ask me how I know this. :-)


The only constant is change, which means he may indeed be back.

So it is with your renovations. It is so painful during. It is so worth it afterwards.


What a cold day to have a hole in your house! The sliding doors looks nice and I love the deck.

Christine O.

Chris, you know you have done a good job at mothering when your adult kids leave home and get on with their lives. That's what it is all about.

Congratulations to both of you.

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