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June 06, 2005


Nancy J

What sweet, filty, endearing kitties they're becoming Great weekend you had! (Tip on taking photos into the bright sunshine is to make sure your flash goes off, then you won't have a dark 'subject' and extra light background!) I just spent the early evening with the Yarn Harlot near Greensburg, PA. Also great fun!


ARGH!!! I'm sooooooooo incredibly jealous. My weekend was just 'wonderful'. My guild yearly event friday turned into a cancelled fiasco and my Saturday and Sunday was consumed by mother issues. Let's just say that Susan and I could commiserate easily just now. I'd have traded it all for one hour of your weekend. I'm so glad it worked out so well. Now, you know what they say...see one, do one, TEACH one! :D


That sounds like a totally awesome class! Lots of good info, and a great location. Wish I had been closer - I woulda been there with bells on!!


Wow!! It looks like the classes were fabulous! I so wish that we had stuff like that up here at our spinning guild!

Those kittens are just too darn cute!!!


Ahhh, GORGEOUS Kittens - You're such a great caretaker!! Your weekend truly sounds like a blast, and I look forward to seeing more pictures!

I Finally finished the interview questions - and I'd like to make a date for clipping the boy bunny at the park. Whenever you're open!


What a wonderful weekend! I had a great one, too, but yours far outshines them all! I'll be waiting to pick your brain about color!

Another, oh dear! about the kittens. They are SO adorable!

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