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June 29, 2005



I hear ya about blues and pinks - oranges and yellows do nothing for my pastiness either. But I can appreciate the gorgeous colors on the bobbin!


oohh.........I LOVE that mango tango! Some of that may just be I "must have" in the near future for me! LOVE it!

I thought that those babies might be my little pufflets.......I can't wait to bring my little girl here :-))))


Wait a minute! You got a thank you gift AND won the drawing! sheesh. The rambo/angora is a blend I've been considering. How happy was Still River to do it for you? I'm very tempted. it's a pretty color but Orange Mango Tango? just the name sounds gooey. :D


Lily has started growling back at thunder. She doesn't act frightened, just growls back at it. It started one day when I had a bunny out for playtime, it thundered and I ran down to rescue it. Lily thought I was afraid, I guess!

Love the colors; and it looks like DD may have inherited some of your dad's sense of humor!


My daughter, 22, is just becoming human again. I'm still waiting on the sons 20 and 15. I'm 39 and my mom is going to be 65. We have just started becoming friends in the last five years. There are times I'm waiting for to become human, as well. LOL

All your yarn looks so wonderful. I have the same problem with yellows and oranges, they make me look very sickly and clash with red hair. I prefer blues, pinks and purples, not really fond of green.


pretty pretty stuff!

DD has me in giggles. What a great sense of humor :)

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