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June 03, 2005



Why aren't there more hours in a day? Kitties, bunnies, projects; everything gets in the way of the gardening for me. Your place looks wonderful!

In the past I had a line of pure Germans that developed a "weepy" eye symptom at about 6 weeks. My research indicated that this was harmless and just something that happened with some lines. I haven't seen it in a long time. But at the time I held back the litters until I was sure the bunnies would grow out of it. My rabbits are generally disgustingly healthy, so any symptom like this gets my attention.

I think stress could cause some disease symptoms, along with other issues that are basically harmless, to surface. But as a breeder and retailer, I am concerned about my reputation as well as the reputation of the breed when I present my rabbits for sale. Whatever the cause of the condition of the rabbits that were discussed, I personally would have remove them from display until I determined the cause or rectified the problem.


I LOVE the color of you house! Good for you in adding color to the world of gray and beige houses. The front yard looks mavelous.


And moving to the desert where the wind sometimes blows A LOT will occasionally cause some sneezes and runny eyes, but I know if I'VE got a snuffly, runny nose and sneezes while I'm standing out in the blowing dust, chances are good that's the boys' problem too!


Well, we all have to remember that what affects us has little to do with what affects a rabbit. Yes, we get sneezy, snuffly symptoms but we have a strong immune system; rabbits don't. Rabbits (as much as we love them) are at the bottom of the food chain. They don't survive by overcoming disease, they survive by sheer number. Many diseases will lay dormant (Pasteurella is one) until the animal is stressed and then the disease becomes active. Rabbits do not have the 'allergy' symptoms that humans do. True, an irritant will cause a reaction of watering eyes or nose and sneezing in effort to remove the irritant, but it will be CLEAR watering and the sneezing has a very different quality. You can almost feel your own nose itch with the sneezing effort and it's constant and intense for a short period. Bottom line, please do not ever purchase or sell a rabbit exhibiting disease symptoms, any colored discharge or not active and thrifty. If it is a rabbit of yours, get to the bottom of the problem - scientifically, not emotionally. Get cultures, isolate, and diagnose BEFORE using broad spectrum treatments. Can you name one animal in your own herd that is worth sacrificing ALL the others for? Picture having to do that in your mind and then decide how to proceed. Would you ever put someone else in that possition?


Your gardening efforts are paying off......it all looks lovely!

I agree with Elaine and with Leslie. Rabbits have such sensitive respiratory systems and I would be concerned with sneezing or weepy eyed buns. I have to believe that hauling rabbits from show to show, trying to sell them has to create some serious stress to the rabbits, which in turn will cause a weakness in the rabbit to be expressed.

The fiber community is a wonderfully supportive place......it is sad when something as ugly as what happened last week crops up. Life is too short for that kind of unpleasantness!


Kim said.."Life is too short for that kind of unpleasantness!" TOUCHE!!!!!


Love your specimens! I spy a japanese maple, methinks. I have one in my garden, positioned stragetically where I can see them from the kitchen window. Makes washing dishes enjoyable, even.

Here in the deep South, bright blue on a house is used to ward off evil spirits. I'm thinking you're protecting the whole block--your neighbors should be grateful rather than shocked.

It might be a good thing if one's ability to press the "post" button was inversely proportional to one's level of agitation. At least that would help me, sometimes.

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