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June 30, 2005



I LOVE that yarn color and it will make a beautful shawl.


I'll bet that yarn works up perfectly for a shawl. Warm and soft - an unbeatable combo!

She sure is a cutie. I'd have about 1227 rabbits by now if I bred, b/c I'd have to keep all of them. I'd never be able to decide who should stay and who should go.


That yarn looks absolutely scrumptious. I'm dying to fondle it through the monitor.

Wish I could reach out and cuddle the kittens and bunnies as well. I once went through a time when I wasn't able to spay/neuter my cats fast enough and had four litters of four kittens each. They were so much fun, but I cried terribly when they each left to new homes. You are lucky that you will be able to keep track of them. I can only keep up with about four of mine.

I wish I could find a good angora breeder that's close to or would deliver to Western NY. I currently have a Netherland Dwarf female and would like to have a sister for her. Have always wanted an angora bunny but have only had Netherland Dwarfs for the past 12 years.

Happy knitting that shawl, the yarn looks devine.


Ohh....pretty yarn!!! It should knit up lovely!

The pufflets are getting cuter by the moment!! Where are you going in Mass this weekend? I am looking forward to bringing one home :-)


A virtual cup of tea revived me enough to travel to see the kittens and pufflets (good name, Kim!) and the yarn. I got into a warm color dyeing kick this spring and am amazed how much I enjoy spinning something different. Oh, and my colors are supposed to be yellows, oranges, reds but I prefer turquoises, greens, sky blues.

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