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June 18, 2005



Lovely, lovely horses!! A few of my friends are (still) into horses. Mostly QH and thoroughbreds though. I miss riding. Maybe someday (when the animals have completely overrun the house) we'll get a farm and I'll get myself a pony (or five).

I had a good chuckle at your bunny store. I went through a similar thing myself... http://emmajane.net/angora/sexing-the-rabbit.html


If you need some 'donut/taco' pictures, I'm your girl! How far is bunny porn from S.E.X? :D


Congrats to Carly and Jazz! Funny you should be discussing geldings...... Cathy and I talked about that this weekend. Mine is convinced he's not, and I'm starting to think he might be right. Bad stallion behavior and way more excited than he should be. Anxious to hear about the next Arabian show for your Jazz girl!


Jazz is a gorgeous girl. You can just see that spunky Arab attitude.
Thanks for the bunny porn. Now I'll know what to be aware of / look for if Beau starts looking strange or pussy.


Jazz looks terrific! Hope things go splendidly and that you get to see it all!

OK, I knew those things were there but not that they were scent glands. Can't get as up close and personal as we do with shearing and all without getting more information than you want sometimes! Thanks for the explanation!


Oh, and MANY congratulations on the new litter (thought it was a different post!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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