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June 27, 2005




claudia k

Nice summary of treat stuff for the bunnies :) Keep cool!


Oohh....you went to Sherry's this weekend....lucky you!!!

You should work on getting Lynn to build you a bunny shed. It would be worth not having to worry so much. I sent a bunny home with a friend a month or so ago and she lost him to heatstroke :((. He was fine...eating and drinking at 10 am and dead at 1pm. So sad......I HATE the humidity :(


The retreat looks fantastic! We were up to 98 on Saturday. YUCK. And wouldn't I have 3 girls due this week. Poor dears with all those little furnaces burning in their bellies. Mine love to have ice cubes and frozen grapes plopped into their water crocks. One note on snacks; although watermelon is a wonderful cool watery treat, it can also be a powerful diuretic! The fluid gained won't match the fluid lost and dehydration isn't far behind. Hint: try freezing the carrots! ;)


I am learning so much about raising rabbits from you, Kim, Leslie and Elaine. And Anne shared some of her angora - I feel I am living vicariously thru all of you. Except for the humidity - that I recall when I lived in MO and now I don't miss it all. Give the bunnies an ice cube for me. Lovely fibery retreat :-)


Rough keeping everyone cool; even here we've had a few warm days and the fans work overtime. The fiber retreat looks amazing!

Rose Gansen

Chris,Thank you so much for this information. I had emailed you yesterday with questions pertaining to the weather & keeping them safe in almost unbearable heat & as usual you provided so much more info than I had requested. My new bunnies made it through two really hot days & their 1500 mile journey to Iowa & seem to be doing okay this morning(temps are a little cooler today I think). I have questions on how to keep them free from pests, insects, etc. in their outdoor living conditions as well & would appreciate any info, tips that work for you.
Again, thank you!


Poor bunnies...that fur coat would be a bit too much for anyone. I love the picture of you all spinning!


Excellent tips, all...I think I'll start bringing the bunnies some fresh, juicy fruit...a little at first, as you say.

Think you will have a morning free next week, early - Mon/Tues? So we can trim the bunnies? Or would it be better if I called a groomer, or my Vet? I don't want anything bad to happen to the bunnies with the temps, but I know you're very busy, too...Hope to see you next week at SnB, too!

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