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June 15, 2005




That is so sad about the kittens. How heartbreaking for you. I'm sure they felt loved while they were with you.

Nancy J

On naming: In great respect for your favorite bun Jane, what about Calico Jane? (or, is there maybe a calico color....I know you said this one's a torte...)


OH, Chris - I'm so sorry about the kits - Y'know, I had a 4 week old kitten die similarly, and our vet said that it was very likely that she had a congenital defect in both her heart & her brain...did the kits who died have larger foreheads? Wider forheads? Just a thought. I'm so sorry - you're such a great animal Mommy, I know they all felt loved every second they were with you.

The Buns are GORGEOUS!! This whole entry I've gasped, ooooed and ahhhhhed, and said "Honey, Can we have one? two?" about both the buns AND the remaining kittens.. :-)


I am so sorry to read about the kitten losses. Sometimes nature is so cruel. I just love that little pastel calico.....she is very pretty!


Love the rabbit names, as usual! Hope you get everyone placed, bunnies and kitties alike!


I had that happen with a feral kitten too - puzzling. And naturally it was my fav of the litter - a calico. Maybe there's more to the genetics of calicos? Love the bunny pix and information. Love the names - you are so clever with the names. Hopefully this fall I will be able to visit Anne and meet Hank and his bunny bros in person. Don't worry - Anne will have nothing but good things to say about you... and if she brings the T you sent I may have to steal it :-)

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