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June 13, 2005



Proud of you for resisting all that lovely fiber. Must have needed some serious will power! Fun about little Indigo; sounds like she's going to have a great home!

Sounds like a great fiber gathering; looking forward to some fiber folk time soon myself!


Proud of you for resisting the fiber! Sounds like the frolic was a romping good time. Pretty astute of little Indigo.


Sounds like a lovely time! And baby Indigo is gorgeous - I woulda had a hard time giving her up!


I'm coming out of lurkdom to comment. Don't have a blog yet, but I should in another week.

Indigo is so cute, her new family will have a good time with her. I've had a several house buns over the years, and have never seen one do that.

I've always had Dutch Dwarfs, but wanting to get either an English or Satin Angora.


Hi Chris, It was great seeing you at the Frolic. Wish I had more time to chat. Remember I said I was downsizing my herd? Well check out what happened when I came home from the Frolic on my blog. Apparently there is no getting out for me! :-)


Glad you had a good weekend at FF. Susan and I missed you! We have to find another opportunity to do a three-some. We can get Risa in on it and have a four-some. Scary! :D I ran into the lady who bought the last lonely little doe at Farm show. Let's just say that spoiled little bunny has a very devoted and happy mom.

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