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May 09, 2005



Ohhh, what a wonderful post. Felt like I was right there with you - sorta kinda...


Wonderful telling and photos! I see "Liesl" as a possibility for your new bunny


Ooohh.......sounds like you had a fabulous time!! I can't wait to hear all about it next weekend!

Norm Hall...........this is the year that my wheel should be ready.........I have been waiting 5 years!


Wow. Sounds like you had a great time. Thanks for telling us all about it! :)


Hey Chris!

Sounds like you had a wonderful time! Wish I could have been there, but I definitely will make the Great Lakes fiber show in Ohio. Will you be able to make that one?

And what's happening with Vivi's baby?


now i can't wait for rhinebeck... we gotta make that happen for sure. loooove the sheep pics.


Sorry I missed you! I had classes all day Thursday, Saturday morning and all day Sunday, so when I did have wandering or shopping time, I was frenzied. Met one internet friend on Saturday, but that was about it. Still, there are advantages to taking classes....those buildings usually have separate bathrooms! Glad you had such a good time.


We did have a great time didn't we? But then we always do. :) Spagetti anyone?
oh sorry, translation = Later!


Sounds like an awesome time!!! What do I owe you for my T-shirt?

Tinkerbelle would be awfully cute for a name for your new doe - she has such a pixie-like look on her face! :)

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